I want to be a vExpert


It sounds pretty cool!  It’s got a lowercase letter in front, so you know it’s technologically legit. I’ve got more then a few friends who’ve attained this moniker. Some say it’s been diluted with new eligibility criteria that has changed over the years.  For me, I see it as a new and different way of thinking about my career. Where once I was *the IT guy* and the go to for all things that plugged in, I’m now a tiny little fish in a ridiculously large ocean.

I’ve recently switched from the customer side (your traditional Systems Administrator) to the VAR side, or Value Added Reseller as a Solutions Engineer. In this role, I’m helping many customers across a broad solution set instead of managing a single companies infrastructure. My main focus will more than likely continue to center around the VMware product suite but it now also encompasses the diversity found in different business sizes and units.

I’m going to use this blog to track issues I run into in the field, discuss my certification paths, and highlight technologies I think are interesting.

From the link above:

“If you are interested in becoming a vExpert the criteria is simple. We are looking for IT Professionals who are sharing their VMware knowledge and contributing that back to the community. The term “giving back” is defined as going above and beyond your day job.”

With the stuff we run into on the VAR side, there’s plenty to discuss! Wish me luck.