Book Review: IT Architect Series – The Journey by Melissa Palmer, VCDX-236

Just finished up reading book three in the IT Architect Series.  This one was written by Melissa Palmer, VCXD-236. Not sure why they got the beginners guide for the third book but hey!  You can buy it here.

Melissa lays out foundational objectives along with the resources to track them. She’s included worksheets, journal ideas and skill assessments.  The book covers what an IT Architect is, skills they need and qualifications helpful to pursuing that career. She also includes many insightful pieces about her own personal journey and choices along the way.

Who should read this book?  Well, let me give a bit of my background so my opinion has context.  I’ve been around for awhile, got my start back in the late 90’s Army doing x.500 type stuff on DMS and tactical message switching on gear so obscure I couldn’t find a pic to link! I had an MCSE in 2003, a VCP 5.5 etc, and now work for a VAR in the Seattle, WA metro. I’ve recently made the transition from customer to the dark side. (We have cookies)  This book, in my ever so humble opinion is a fantastic resource for the 2nd to 5th year IT person.  You’ve made it out of help desk hell, you’ve gotten a piece of design and you really want more.  It can be tough running that gauntlet solo, and tougher without a plan.

Melissa did a very thorough walk through about the entirety of this career field. It’s very readable, easy to consume and informative. Having someone lay out the path, objectives and check points along with telling you exactly how they did it was interesting.  I wish I could go back 10 years and give this book to myself. If you’re a budding SA/SE with aspirations, pick this up. If you’re like me and just had your world shook by finding out about VMware Validated Designs along with the realization someone gets paid to do that, use this as a check point.

Stay tuned, I’m off to read Foundation in the Art of Infrastructure Design by  Vcdx-001, John Yani Arrasjid (Author), Vcdx-023, Mark Gabryjelski (Contributor), Vcdx-079, Chris Mccain (Contributor)






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